“I went out to a guided meditation led by @hiiighvibe last night and naturally I had tucked my tube of Slo Rolls into my bag, It saved the lives of a few pre rolls!!

Thank you again for creating such a marvellous product."


"Seriously!!! I cant get over how amazing this paste is"

“The Slo Rolls paste definitely slowed our roll and encouraged a completely consistent burn. It took a VERY small amount to cover the entire joint evenly"


“Up until a few month ago i hated using papers and strictly stuck to my glass but thanks to my pals over at @officialslorolls, I've fallen head over heels for a good joint. "


“I used it with the worst Zig Zags i have just to see if it is what it says it is & it is!

It tastes sweet, it keeps my joint going long and it hasn't canoed

shout out to Slo Rolls"


“This stuff is frigin awesome for rolling blunts ! it slows the burn and it fixes any holes in the blunt."


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